Practica yoga en casa 》 vinyasa yoga

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Yoga is in you – igersyoga manifesto

Probably talking about yoga as a business is hard for more than one or two yogis. I don’t really know why, but having to “sell” yoga is hard for us. However, we must not forget that yoga is a way of life that feeds many people, and probably you too.

Among some of the brands that have worked on IgersYoga and are mentioned in the episode are My Mala, Reino de Nita and Laura Santiesteban. Although you can see more of their work on the IgersYoga website.

And the three books she recommends are: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma), The Magic of Silence (Kankyo Tannier) and Mastering Specific Yoga Techniques (Joaquin Garcia Weil). The book The Tree of Yoga (B.K.S. Iyengar) is also mentioned.

What did you think of today’s episode? Yes, it was a little longer than usual. The truth is that I could listen to Zulema for hours and hours, so I hope to be able to repeat this experience again.

Yoga manifesto – yoga is in you

Igersyoga is a brand founded in 2015 by Zulema together with Leandro Cacioli, which was born as a wellness platform where they gave voice to independent professionals related to health and wellness. They soon saw the need to help them create their own voice and in 2016 they started combining the platform’s activities with the creative marketing agency for health and wellness entrepreneurs.

She loves feeling like she can help hundreds of people, entrepreneurs and freelancers who feel lost when it comes to launching their brand or scaling their project. This is why she really enjoys the 1-on-1 consulting sessions, and the monthly wellness entrepreneur circles she facilitates through her Idea Shala.

What is your value proposition, what is your differential, what problem do you solve and what elements, colors and shape do you identify with. We create the strategy: Mission, Vision, Values, essential / differential. We create its positioning, storytelling… and we verbalize it in a phrase or claim/ strapline that defines its essence at a glance. When we have that we define: its tone and territories of communication and its visual world.


Dharana is one of the 8 steps of yoga and consists of focusing the mind on a point internal or external to the body, whether it is a drawing, an image, a moment, an activity, a part of the body… in fact, the important thing is not what one chooses as an object to focus the mind, but to calm the mind and reach a point of deep concentration, an important step for meditation.

There are many different ways to approach Dharana: through asanas, meditation, pranayama, but also outside of yoga classes, with Mindfullness, getting to be present in what we do at that precise moment.

One of the most important elements that do not allow us to achieve the mental state of Dharana is the EGO. The ego always tries to boycott the concentration with thoughts like “It is very important to answer this email” or “I will check if I have any notification on my phone, it will only take a moment”, it is very skillful and creative to induce our thoughts towards distraction.

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