Buda frases vida

Buda frases vida

Life phrases

From the acceptance of happiness as a greater good, as a source of meaning in life, the author displays Buddhism as a path to happiness through a search for meaning and transcendence, first personal, then group, and perhaps eventually as part of the social fabric. He claims that this requires for everyone the same experience of Awakening, transcending academic boundaries and faith. The article gives us a deeper understanding of this path to awakening, representing a spiritual path, and a lifestyle.

10I would like to develop then the idea of transcendence from the “going beyond” our mental structure. When we experience this transcendence we find the Ineffable, something whose knowledge makes us happy. This statement is not gratuitous, it is based on the testimony of countless cases of those who have realized – or at least glimpsed – “The” Reality. To perceive pure potentiality, and to witness how the Absolute is presenting itself before our eyes under the appearance of forms, is a joy, an ineffable happiness. A happiness that is not ordinary. No ordinary human experience would come close to this extraordinary happiness. Since it is in fact impossible to circumscribe it in words, I remain silent about this transcendent horizon, suggesting that it should rather be experienced…. As St. John of the Cross told us so well: “Enter me where I did not know, and remain me not knowing, all science transcending”.

Buddha’s phrases on love

Buddhism is a religion and a philosophical and spiritual doctrine[3][4] belonging to the dharmic family. It comprises a variety of traditions, religious beliefs and spiritual practices mainly attributed to Gautama Buddha. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world with more than 500 million adherents or 7% of the world’s population.[5] Buddhism is considered to be the world’s largest religion.

While Buddhism is considered a non-theistic religion, they do accept belief in spiritual realities, such as rebirth, karma and the existence of spiritual beings, such as spirits and deities but do not worship gods who are seen as permanent in nature, deities are enlightened beings who have attained Enlightenment, such as Buddhas, their treatment of these differs greatly from the traditional Western concept of deity.

The basic orientation of Buddhism is that we crave and cling to impermanent situations and things.[9] This places us in the state of Samsara, the cycle of repeated rebirth and death. We want to achieve happiness through situations and material goods that are not permanent, and therefore we do not achieve true happiness.

Buddhist phrases on death

87. It is easy to see the faults of others, but how difficult it is to see our own! We display the faults of others as the wind scatters chaff, while we hide our own as a cheating gambler hides his dice.

97. He who gives, shall have true gain. He who submits will be free; he will cease to be the slave of passions. The just man casts out evil, and eliminating lust, bitterness and illusion, reaches Nirvana.

Did you like these phrases of Buddha? Phrases of humility and nobility, no doubt, as well as the phrases of Confucius. Did you know these phrases of Buddha? Do you know any other that we should include in our list? Leave us your opinion in the comments, we look forward to reading them.

Good buddhist evening

To benefit from its principles it is only necessary to open our heart. We need to open our minds with enthusiasm to enter into this kind of philosophy. Therefore, nothing better than to reflect on these phrases of Buddha.1. Buddha’s phrases: pain and suffering are not the same “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”.

Buddha-To find a true state of well-being it is essential that mind and body are in balance.  If there is something we all know is that we live in a society that exalts the physical aspect. A world that favors this detachment from the inner world because what counts is the appearance, not the essence.let’s change the focus, let’s reflect every day on one of the best phrases of Buddha to regain that unity. To link body and soul, skin and emotions, body and brain, presence and heart. In this way, and by achieving an optimal balance between all these dimensions, we feel fuller and more conscious of the here and now, facilitating a richer emotional fulfillment.A great way to achieve this connection is through meditation and yoga.4.

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